happier home schooling-day 9

I love technology. I love social media.  I love mobile phones.  Yet, there is part of me that thinks we are way too available all the time.  I have made a commitment to make myself less available during our school hours.  We cancelled our “home” phone line 1 year ago.  I endured countless telemarketers all day long.  The constant ringing of the phone was a huge disturbance for me, even when letting voice mail pick up the call.  This act of canceling our home line was a great relief.  However, my mobile also continued to ring.  Occasionally, I answered these mobile calls.  It might be an emergency.  It might be a quick question.  I wanted to let others know that I cared about them.  However, answering calls was consuming our precious schooling hours.  Most of us would be highly upset if our children were in classrooms where the teachers took personal calls all the time.  Why should I be different?  Inadvertantly, I was communicating to others and my kids that our schooltime was less important than the other things going on in the world.   The only way for me to protect our time was for me to start silencing the phone.   The mornings-early afternoon hours belong to my kids.  I have given people permission to text me for a quick comment or question here or there.  I can respond to those quickly when I have a moment.  I will check my voice mail at lunch to see what needs attention after school.   To use  time wisely and effectively, resist the urge to make quick phone calls during the learning hours. The 5 minute conversation easily can end up being 45.  Don’t check emails.  Don’t get on facebook.  These things have a life of their own and drain our time before we even realize how!   Our children should not have to compete with technology or social media.

Up next: communicating availability


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