happier home schooling-day 6

Laundry.  The never ending chore.  Just when you get everything washed, someone puts some article of clothing in the dirty clothes basket.  This tip will be fairly short and sweet.  Start a load of laundry right after breakfast.  I have found that I at least get one load of laundry done per day if I follow this practice.  Usually though, getting one load in the pipeline means a second and third load is likely to happen as well.  Sometimes I even see the bottom of the laundry basket!  If I do not begin laundry early in the day, I will get caught up in all the other daily things and completely forget that we need clean clothes.  Start one load before school begins!!

Thankfully we have come to the end of the cleaning posts! Thanks for hanging in for those.  I hope you are reaping the benefits of them and having some happier and efficient days!


Join me tomorrow as we transition to time savers.



  1. Hi Kim! My name is Kierstyn, and I’m Megan Wilson’s sister. I too am a homeschool mom so Megan suggested I hope over here and see what you had to say.

    I totally agree with your laundry rule! I also try to get the load that I put in the washing machine into the dryer, and then fold what I took out of the dryer. If I do this every day, and fold only in the evening, I get two loads done a day. One of the chores my kids have is to put away their laundry first thing in the morning.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips! I am looking forward to reading what else you have to say.

    • kimmyskids says:

      Nice to meet you Kierstyn! Thanks for sharing your laundry tip with us! I agree with letting the kids help put away! We would love to hear more of your wisdom along the way. Thanks for checking this series out.

  2. What a cute blog and I just love your photography! I will be reading about how you homeschool since my husband and I are thinking about that for our children as well.

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