happier home schooling-day 5

I feel like a little bit of a cheat by making this one it’s own day.  It probably could have been included with the previous post.  However, this little gem is so helpful that I decided to give it a little more room for recognition.  If you have followed my blog for some time, it won’t be new.  This gem is THE FIVE MINUTE CLEAN UP.  Again, I am bringing up a way to keep order in the home that has children busy about it all day.   The five minute clean up is when I call out “five minute clean up”,  the kids have to stop what they are doing and quickly begin picking up their toys, belongings, or anything out of order and put it away.  Five minutes is a very reasonable time to clean up and should not be terribly overwhelming for little ones.   A great way to ensure cooperation is to make this clean up a game.  Perhaps some little treat could be part of the process?  It’s up to you.  When the five minutes are over, so is the clean up.  You’ll be surprised by how far five minutes of cleaning will get you when mulitplied by the number of your children.  A five minute clean up in my house is equal to twenty minutes when I also participate…and I do!   The trick is to not overuse this and make it dull.  I would probably only use this twice a day maximum and save it for when things are really looking ratty.

“Cleaning up with kids around is like trying to shovel while it is still snowing.”


Up next….one more tip for staying on top of the mountain.


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