happier home schooling-day 2

What’s for dinner?  That is usually the question of the day in my house.  This question may in fact be asked umpteen times a day by the same child.  I like to have an answer early on in the day.  After a long day of schooling, I do not want to have to solve the dilemna of dinner late in the day.  How many times have I had to try to quickly defrost something for our 6 o’clock meal at 4 P.M?  Too many.   I have found that meal planning and settling what our dinner choices are before the week begins is a great time saver.   Meal planning and shopping for the meals helps save the busy home schooling mom’s sanity.  I like to keep a list of the dinners on my fridge so I can quickly decide what we will eat after breakfast and before lessons begin.  I take out anything that needs defrosting right after breakfast.  If I forget, the 4 o’clock frantic defrost routine is bound to repeat.  If we are having a crock pot meal, I will prepare it the night before and place it in the refridgerator.  I will start the meal after breakfast freeing up the rest of the day!  Calm in the morning is likely to result in a calmer stress-free day.

Join me tomorrow for ” the night before”.



  1. When they ask what is for dinner I love to say, “Go read the schedule on the fridge!” Meal planning def saves my sanity and budget.

  2. We have sports and church events 3 nights a week and I have class the other two nights, by planning my meals ahead, setting aside a “food prep” time in the middle of the day, and using the delay timer on the oven we can avoid having to eat pasta and ragu every night. Plus, I feel like super mom when I walk in from JuJitsu at 6:15 and have dinner on the table at 6:30!

    • kimmyskids says:

      That’s impressive Erica! I have at times used part of the afternoon to chop items for dinner later to reduce the time needed to cook! I wonder if I have a delay timer??? Great tip!

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