looking for texture

One goal of my time in our quaint little city square was to find photo niches for photo shoots.  Had I been alone, I would have had a proper photo walk.  However, having a little model along was helpful for trying out a few locations.  I stumbled upon a few rustic places.  My subject was a little timid with the weathered areas down little back alleys, but I assured her that although it looked like it took a beating, it was great for photography.

So this particular area isn’t weather beaten, but rather a corner by the local bank.

This door is amazing, and I will revisit it again!

Sweet Shot Day



  1. You are on a roll with posting. Love that door and as always G looks cute. Exploring nearby downtowns is on my to do list.

  2. You found some great spots. I really love the weathered door and you model is lovely!

  3. That door IS amazing!! I have my favorite spots in our town that I visit frequently! Great shots!!

  4. That door is like finding a treasure! So awesome!!!

  5. These are incredible. Love, love the second one! Precious model indeed…

  6. love it! I really enjoy going into a city…it always amazes me what different backgrounds I can find. My favorites are behind shops.
    Have fun!!!

  7. Beautiful texture shots……you have got a great eye! Sweet little girl…..her expressions are so cute! My oldest boy hates to model for me (and then complains that there aren’t very many picture of himself) but my middle child usually has a smile for me. And the baby is too young to complain yet…haha! Thanks for visiting my website and your kind words!

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