August favorite

This month has be super busy with getting back in the swing of school! Most of my photos have been related to what we’ve been up to schoolwise.  I just love this one of our rootbeer float day.

I know I shared it recently, but it really makes me smile.


Click It Up A Notch



  1. I love the light!

  2. i love the light in this shot. and your post-processing just enhanced it more. beautiful!

  3. Wonderful photo, as I said I love his expression, the light and how big the glass looks compared to your son, so cute! Wish all school work was that fun!

  4. It should make you smile!!! I love his little fingers on the straw and his intent look. This photo tells a story that will long be remembered.

  5. It should make you smile! (just realized Amber wrote the same thing HA) It was such a sweet moment and lovely moment to capture!! Great job! I have loved being a part of your photography journey!

  6. Adorable – love this one.

  7. Simply wonderful! wonderful photo, wonderful processing!

  8. Simply wonderful! wonderful photo! wonderful processing!

  9. Love it! What a great shot!

  10. I love his eyes! beautiful shot.

  11. this really has it all, mood, lighting, great tones, nice bokeh. really great shot.

  12. This is, seriously, one of the nicest captures I’ve ever seen. Love this!

  13. I love the composition and all the light in the eyes!

  14. great capture. i love the eyes

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