vintage afternoon

We live 5 minutes away from our city’s quaint downtown square.  The square has the charm from days gone by, and now is slowly becoming a place with trendy-ecclectic shops mingled with those establishments that have defined this square for decades.  My daughter and I love to scour the antique stores for fun items, and we especially love visiting an adorable shop called The Vintage Flea.  The lower level of the shop has handmade items from several local vendors.  You’ll find repurposed items, clothing, candles, candies, jewelery, a florist, and smocked dresses for southern boys and girls.  My kids love to look at all the beautiful seashell bins and choosing the perfect one for their collections.  The upper floor is chock-a-block full of flea market finds.  I am a sucker for vintage , and enjoy looking for those little treasures that have a special quality.  I bought some magnets that look like they were repurposed from old jewelry from a by gone era.  The 50’s have been one of those eras that have charmed me the most.  I found old flashcards, and reading primers that I was so tempted to buy.  I wish I had bought the primer for $5.  It was adorably nostalgic of a simpler, wholesome time.   My daughter loves the special mom and daughter time of these little jaunts back in time.


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