introducing Beezus

I got bamboozled this past weekend.  I was having breakfast with a friend, and didn’t hear a text msg from my husband asking me if I wanted a free kitten.  As soon as I got the msg, I called him to make sure nothing had been decided without me.  My husband and children were at Petsmart having a look around at the animals up for adoption. Slippery slope #1.  A couple came in the store with a kitten they rescued and hoped that Petsmart would take in.  They wouldn’t.  Somehow my husband and children got involved in waiting with the cat until the humane society could come pick up her up.  An offer was made for them to keep the cat, if they liked. Slippery slope #2.  By time I arrived to give my 2 cents, the kids had been with then kitten for over 45 minutes.  They bonded with the kitten.  I really, really did not want another pet.  I also really, really didn’t want to break my children’s hearts. Slippery slope #3.  I agreed to let them keep the kitten.   We brought home a very scared sable colored kitten.   She is slowly warming up to us and is still very unhappy that our pug is around.  There has been lots and lots of hissing.  Gigi is being a champ about the little intruder.  I think, in time, they will live together nicely.   My daughter loves Ramona books, and we have decided to call the kitten Beezus after Ramona’s big sister.  Isn’t that cute?  We hope Beezus will become a treasured friend.  At the very least, I get to be the “best mom ever” for a little while.

Sweet Shot Day



  1. Oh lucky you! I too was bamboozled with our 2 dogs! We have a circus of animals in our home now. A cat and 2 dogs…believe me their is a lot of hissing, barking, and chasing going on. Needless to say the cat is not warming up to the dogs at all and it has been 4 months! Maybe by the time the dogs become adults it will be one big happy family! Hope it goes better for you!

  2. That is a precious and very lucky little kitten. Looks like she has a lot of Burmese in her.
    Hoping the transition time goes smoothly. Don’t push her and take things slowly.

  3. OH my word he’s adorable and the last photo totally cracks me up!

  4. I love the look on Beezus face with Jasper holding her, and the sweet look on his face.

  5. Oh WOW!! I must empty AND the load the dishwasher or I would say much more but he is def a cute cat. Also, that Gracyn was the ringleader of the pleas for asylum I’m sure. She does love animals. I think you have to be more used to the idea of having that kitty after seeing these pics.

  6. I am torn between saying you are out of your mind and the cat is cute. I don’t like cats. They make me sneeze. So when I come over do not be offended if I stay away from Beezus. That being said, she is cute. I hope she warms up to Gigi fast, for your sake. I was still rooting for the hamster, though!

    • kimmyskids says:

      I won’t be offended. I understand that there are some non-cat people out there. I always want my friends to be comfortable in our home, and Inever force my pets on people.

  7. Good luck with the little furbaby!!! Cute photos!!!

  8. Right when you had be about ready to cooo over that cute little kitten you throw in that last shot and crack me up. I can imagine all the possible dialoged going on in both there heads. Too funny.

  9. I love it! We are longing for another kitten around here. Em will be thrilled when she visits (and will LOVE her name, too!) Happy bonding, Gigi…
    (it’s forcing me to put napada as my website when I sign in; I have no idea why…)

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