dino dig

I’m sure I have mentioned previously that Moon Sand is from the Devil.  The creators of this stuff must not have houses to clean.  If they test marketed with moms, it would have never made it to the store shelves.   My kids love it, so I have kept some around for the rare occasion when I am feeling in the mood for dealing with the mess.  I’m not sure if I was in the mood today, but I needed sand for Jasper’s dino dig corresponding with learning the letter D.   I was fresh out of playground sand (see previous post about not having random things laying around), but remembered the Moon Sand I had hidden from over a year ago!  I put it in one of the tin pans we had laying around and let Jasper have a little Jurassic fun.  He entertained himself for 2 whole hours with this play.  It would have been better to have smaller dinosaurs, but it worked.   The sand colors are a little funky, but aren’t most images of dinosaur eras kind of funky?   My floors were littered with Moon Sand, which took a little doing to sweep up.  Jasper started with two containers and ended up with one by time clean up ended.   I’m glad I kept some in reserve for such a day as this.   It was worth it to hear him say that D says /d/.  He was unsure this morning before his dino dig expedition.  I learned that a mess is sometimes worth the end result.



  1. 😀 2 hours of exploration sounds like the mess was well worth it plus learning the sound.

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