homeschool update

Today our county had their first day of school.  We began our 4th week of homeschooling for the year.  Initially, you may recall, I agonized over the early start feeling that I was cheating us out of enough summer vacation.   The early start was absolutely the right call.  I had no idea that schooling all 3 of my kids was going to require so much of our day.  At the end of the day I am left with precious few hours to do everything else that comes with the mom badge.  I’m not complaining, but am thankful that once September arrives we will be so ahead that we can take one week off per month for the rest of the year, excluding our 23 day Christmas holiday.  I think I can work like a dog for 3 weeks and then enjoy an entire week off to play each month.  I will need it.   I am teaching preschool, 2nd grade, and 5th grade.  Each grade has focused needs.  The preschooler needs lots of hands-on stimulating activities as well as plentiful read alouds.   The 2nd grader has a heavy phonics component, though he reads amazingly well for really being 1st grade aged.   The 5th grader is being taken through a rigorous course in the Eastern Hemisphere.  Her load is heavy with research.  Truly everything we are learning is mind-boggling and impressive.  We are having fun, yet I am being challenged to stay on top of everything and enrich them.   Not having a baby or a preschool drop off to make means we can do more.   Today as an enrichment to Aidan’s study of Cretan-Minoan culture we made fresco paintings.  The Cretans were one of the first cultures to make frescoes.  We poured plaster of paris into tin broiler pans and then painted on top of the semi-damp plaster with watercolors.  I was amazed with their focus and enjoyment in this activity.   Aidan stayed culturally relevant with painting a Minotaur (half bull-half man).  He then added some skeletons and other crazy creatures, but still!

What one does, all three want to do.  Jasper made a random fresco with a green giraffe and such.

Gracyn made a dragon which is from the story of Gilgamesh and Babylon.  Not quite the right culture, but we are flexible.

I was reminded today how much I need to do make learning fun, and it overwhelmed me.   I need to plan more to give Jasper some things to do once he finishes his scheduled work.  I need to make center type activities for him to access while I am working with others.  I have some already, but he tires of those easily.  I think I need to invest some time and resources to make more for him to do.  I need to make sure Aidan gets more hands-on.   It would be easier if I had more craft supplies on hand for the spontaneous projects.  I have loads, but there is always something random missing like plaster of paris.   Gracyn is studying Australia and wants to make Lamingtons.  All this make and do gets exhausting, but I know these activities will be the moments that stay with my kids. Any one have a cup of shredded coconut I can borrow?



  1. Virginia says: free preschool curriculum. We are using it for kol and it has great ideas for activities and such.

  2. kimmyskids says:

    I just bought a letter of the week activity book.

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