saturday snaps

This post may be a bit premature for this week’s sharing, but I had a strong need to get my camera out today.  Being that this week will be a little more stretching for me, I decided to go ahead and get a post up, lest I get caught up in the week.  Back to my need to shoot!  Having less time for pictures with our first week of homeschool, I was so eager to get some time logged with my camera.  I really wanted to get some photos of my boys today, since my daughter was out having a birthday date with her grandmother.  I knew I was going to be facing a behemoth of lack of cooperation.  One boy; forget it.  Every shot was some goofy face, so I went for the baby…a 4 year old baby, but baby to me.  I knew he would be ideal if I could get the cooperation because he and the red bean bag in his room, were so complementary with colors.  The first 30 shots or so were something like this:

Can’t you feel his camera angst?

But then, my golden ticket arrived! The boys asked for a snack.  I said, “sure…after we get some good pictures.”  Horrible bribery, but like I said, I really wanted to shoot today.  With the promise of food, the mood changed.

I just love these gorgeous eyes! We never really know what color they are since they seem to be part chameleon. All the colors you see are present.

future tycoon? This reminds me of the poses you see top dog businessmen do in magazines.

There are a couple knit-picky things I wish I could fix here, but I’m focusing on these sweet faces instead.

Sweet Shot Day



  1. The family resemblance is coming out more and more as he gets older. Some of the pics, he looks more like you.

  2. The 2nd shot is beautiful, seems to really capture his personality and the tycoon shot reminds me of Jack for some reason…not so much his looks just the expression. I love the red bean bag. I love bean bags…until they burst leaving me with a mess!

  3. What a cutie! And the pictures are so sharp and clear.

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