Our summer ended and our new school year began today.  I would like to say it was the bestest first day of school ever, but I make it a practice not to lie.  It was challenging at best.  For starters, we were all a bit lacking in the sleep department.  Jasper decided to have nightmares for the first time (that we know or he recalls) ever.  He woke at just before midnight in blood-curdling screams.  We have never heard such noise.  Nothing was wrong and he couldn’t articulate a memory of dreams, but he did have to pee fairly urgently.  We think that woke him mid-dream and the urgency must have freaked him out.  We got him back to bed shortly after, only to wake again with him screaming that he wanted to win 2 hours later.  Jack settled him, and we tried to recover lost sleep.  Minutes later, he came crashing into our bedroom saying he had to pee! I quickly got him to the toilet, only to have him pee on the floor. What’s up with the pee?  He never, ever wakes to go to the bathroom.  He didn’t have anything to drink prior to bed either.  So, 2:30 AM, I ‘m cleaning the bathroom, and my kid.  Finally, we got to salvage some sleep, but not nearly enough.  Early this morning, I discovered that upon morning, he peed all over the bathroom again.  He’s been fine in that department all day. Go figure!

We groggily got ready for our first day of school, but 20 minutes in my 5th grader had a meltdown about an assignement she didn’t understand.   About that time, I really wished for a do-over!  However, I knew we just needed to work through the transition from summer to being back to structure.  We needed to persevere and by mid-morning we got it in gear.  It was a tough day, and I’m thankful for the meals I froze over the weekend to help get us through today.  I do have to say that Jasper was so cute on his first day of homeschool, even after all the mess he caused last night.  He put on his new flashing Spiderman sneakers that his Mimi bought him and announced he was going to walk to school.  He tramped off from one room in our house and went to the schoolroom, threw his hands up in the air, and said, “yay school!”  He was an angel doing his work.  He was so excited when I “check-off” the work he completed and kept announcing how many checks he had.  He watches me check off his siblings assignments, so I guess this is a big deal!  He had a great first day of 4 year old preschool!  I think we will all have a great year once we get over the hurdles of learning the ropes and expectations of this new year.

I need a school picture retake day, too! I didn’t get many today.

Sweet Shot Day



  1. I can just see Jasper doing that! Asher and I need to come over and play with your kids.

  2. Happy first day, y’all! Even though things are picking up for you, I hope we can find time to get together in August. Our girls are overdue for a catch up. Here’s hoping the remainder of the week passes in a blur of joyful learning…

  3. So sorry for the rough night. We had a night like that her last night, except my 3 year old peed in my bed. At 3 am I’m up changing sheets. Glad things smoothed out. J. sounds so cute.

  4. Sorry for the tough night, enjoy the holidays.

    Hi from N Ireland/France!

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