I learned…

On Monday we took a trip with my mother to the Georgia Aquarium.  I was looking forward to the opportunity to take some shots because I was feeling a little dry with ideas since my fireworks shots.  I really was looking forward to capturing my kids enjoying the exhibits more than the exhibits themselves.  Last year I captured the fish…I was good to leave it at that.   I learned that trying to be a photographer at the aquarium is an insane idea.  For starters you have to run your ISO up due to all the funky low light situations, so you get noise.  “Shooting in manual was so.much. fun”, she said with her tongue in her cheek.  Every time I turned around, there was flourescent, then tungsten, then dark, the dayglow flourescent again and every once in a while a dab of sunlight was thrown at me. Argh!  This wouldn’t have been all that bad if we had a little space.  This place was packed and people were covering every surface.  If you wanted a photo of your kids, someone would randomly step infront of the camera right when you click!  This shot was about the only time we felt in open space and it was in the first 5 minutes of arrival.

Harsh lights, but I like the composition.  Petting the rays is fun and soothing.

We went to the new dolphin show and I was thinking “action shots”, but…nope! No photography of any kind allowed.  Bummer.  I get the no flash thing, but wasn’t going to use flash.  Still, no dice.   So then I thought I’d try to get a few tank shots since I was bombing on every other front.  Know what?  The tanks were all scratched up and a little cloudy.   I gave up, until I came to the jellyfish tanks.  They were still scratched like all the rest of the tanks, but they are just so peaceful to watch.  Their long and graceful tentacles are mesmerizing.  “Meh”, I said.  “I’ll shoot a couple shots.”

I captured them last year too, I think they are one of my favorite exhibits.

The final assessment is that I will only go back to the aquarium in January on a Monday.  Summer is nuts!

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  1. I love these! They look incredible! Had the same thoughts about going to an aquarium. Cool idea but I’m not sure if it’s that practical.

  2. I like the shots you got. We went a couple of years ago on a weekday as a hs field trip and it wasn’t too bad, although there were a few schools there touring. We got a great rate though, I think it was $11 a person. I’d love to go back.

  3. Those jelly fish look so cool. I love photographing them.

  4. Wow! Those jelly fish shots are beautiful! Love all the lines!! I agree, shooting at the aquarium is bananas!! I’m glad you took you camera and still tried! I really like the composition of the first one especially all the leading lines :O)

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