A bonafide tweenie lives in my home.  I can slowly, but surely see my almost 10 year old daughter slipping into the teenage years.  She’s still very innocent and a little girl at her core, and yet there are glimpses of a young woman emerging. Yikes! How did we get here so fast?  We had a shopping spree today for her that was actually fun.  Our previous shopping trips over the last year have been extremely painful and for her too! She didn’t want baby clothes, and teenage clothes just seemed too advanced.  She totally hit that middle ground of not knowing who she was.  She wasn’t little, but she wasn’t big either. She would often ask to leave the store without buying anything because she didn’t know what to choose.  I would have to go back later on my own and just choose what I wanted for her. I’m sure you can imagine how many things sat in the closet, unworn.  Today was easier.  I think we found a middle ground that we were both comfortable with.  More and more she is becoming interested in nail polish, lip gloss, ruffles, and sparkles.  However, there is still a lizard catching, puppy loving, imaginative little girl that remains, if only for a short while longer.  Her new clothes may have some sparkles, but there are still bunnies, bows, and flowers on them.



  1. Welcome, to the world of tweenies! We have had many a frustrating shopping trip and searching for a balance between little girl and young lady. This spring we had a good shopping spree, but the older A. gets the harder it is to find things that are modest. Nice collage! Glad ya’ll had fun. Looks like A and G have similar taste. They would probably have fun shopping together. 😀 I’m glad I still have 2 little girls that love the little girl dresses and frills.

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