the class pet

African Dwarf frogs.  Yep. I bought African Dwarf frogs.  Something inside me was very against the idea, but I bought them anyway.  I made my summer trip to The School Box to get our Back to School supplies for the upcoming year, which begins in 3 weeks…perhaps 4.  That’s another post entirely.  I bought all our crayons, markers, glue, paper, and etc…  Then, I saw the frogs.  I’ve seen them before, perhaps  100 times before.  I’ve been asked to buy them 100 times before.  I’ve always, always said no.  We have a dog, and that’s an extra one to care for.  However, my friend bought some frogs for her sister as a pay back for all the eccentric things her sister has given them over the years.  My friend told me the frogs require very little, are fairly hearty, and need a partial water change every 3 months.  So, I caved. My kids were super excited that the mean old, say no to all extra pets Mommy, said yes! Score for me! They promptly named them Cute Steve, and Kevin.  You have to know my kids.  They give grown men names to every living thing.   I think they call Cute Steve Cute Cute sometimes too.   Both frogs are male, and this done purposely.  I think the females might be keen on attacking males, or something of that nature.  These are our “class pets” Cute Steve and Kevin.



  1. Maggie received African Dwarf frogs for her birthday two summers ago…they are still alive and kicking! She named hers Johnny and June (although they are both male). They are super-easy to care for…

    • kimmyskids says:

      Awesome to know they are still living! That’s encouraging since we have said no thinking they were basically like goldfish.

  2. how fun!

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