Will bees come up my shirt?

Jasper’s summer hives have arrived!  We think they have something to do with either chlorine, heat, or sunscreen…or all three.  They show up every summer after we start going to the pool frequently.  He gets a fairly thorough covering of these itchy welts.  When I told him they were hives, he asked, “Will bees come up my shirt?”.  Poor little guy, I can see how that would be a disconcerting notion, when you think about what a hive is.  I assured him that they were not the same kind of hive.  As annoying as hives must be, Jasper loves taking an oatmeal bath.  It feels special and it is soothing…or so the box says.  At any rate, it is doing something!  I don’t think Jasper was aware of his soap ‘hawk, but I wanted to style his oatmeal bath photos a bit.

Gee…can’t a guy get some privacy ’round here?



  1. Cute! Love the b&w. Poor guy with the hives.

  2. that boy is just way too cute!!

  3. He is just so cute with his wet hair and beautiful eyes! Hope you figure out how to stop those annoying hives.

  4. Great shots! He sure is cute!

  5. Such sweet shots…..poor little guy, hope you can stop the hives and the bees:)


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