a-ha moment # 1,578,309

I have had many a-ha moments over the last few weeks with photography and post-processing.  I was feeling rather encouraged by the light bulbs finally coming on with a few things that seemed so complicated just months ago.  I finally became a manual shooter, and that was such an encouraging moment for me.  I was terrified to take my camera out of aperature priority! But, I did it!  Then, I started reading more buzz about back button focusing.  It’s praises were being sung far and wide.  I decided to give it a go, and I ran into a major road block.  I read and read, and tried and tried…but I couldn’t produce a sharp image.  I hit a small crisis when I saw my photography taking a nose dive.  Why couldn’t I just leave well enough alone?  I’m just like that, I suppose.  Courtney at Click it up a Notch has been so sweet to me with trying to help.  I’m so thankful for these photog communities! Huge blessing.  Through helpful blog buddies and some good ole perseverance, I think I may have figured BBF out! Yay! These aren’t perfect, I’m sure.  However, they are leaps and bounds above what I was capturing 2 days ago when I began.  There are still a couple technical difficulties that I need to work on like getting foreheads sharp at f/2.2 and figuring out why the eye I am focusing on (the one closest to me) isn’t as sharp as the one I didn’t attempt to focus????  I suspect it is a single focal point issue that I need to tinker with.  Again, I am totally digging this light I have found in my house and have camped here for a few sessions since we have had some thunderstorm filled days.

and since I made her sit and behave for the camera, she wanted to me to take a picture of her foot.  I did (small price).  She asked me to hang on, and came back with a new friend:

This makes me laugh, but seeing that dirty foot, reminds me that I need to mop!

Sweet Shot Day



  1. I can see a huge difference! Way to go. Those are all beautiful! I really love the first shot. I am enjoying shooting in manual. Now you’ve inspired me to try BBF. If I haven’t figured it out by the time we meet for lunch you’ll have to show me then.

  2. what is BBF?

  3. Good job, I’ve been using back button focus for a couple of years now and find it hard to go back.
    The fourth photo look like they are in deep though. The foot shot cracks me up, reminds me of something my girls would do.

  4. These are incredible shots. Way to go shooting in manual! Your daughter is gorgeous!!

    Hope your day is blessed!

  5. Congrats!

  6. I think these are beautiful….I think you sell yourself short. I don’t know about BBF and haven’t used my app priority-and I’m scared to get off manual and try that. It’s always something.
    Great models.

    • kimmyskids says:

      That’s true Susan. Thanks for your encouraging remarks! This is a good reminder to celebrate what we do know!

  7. That’s dirty? Oh, don’t come to my house!

    Can you share some of the communities you are a part of? I’m still in that Aperture Priority setting and holding steady. So frustrating at times. I know more practice would help, but I just seize up when I know I may miss a shot that I want to get.

  8. And I didn’t say a thing about your photos. They are absolutely fabulous. I would be so pleased to get a shot of that quality. Good job.

    • kimmyskids says:

      Thank you and I replied to your question on your blog’s comments. 🙂 I hope these help!

      • Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve read some of them before, but just need to hunker down and practice, practice, practice.

        Oh, and my youngest and I mopped my kitchen floor last night. Yeah, it was that bad. 😉

  9. She is gorgeous!

  10. I think your shots are wonderful! I love them, especially that fourth one.

    Thanks for posting the link… I will have to go and check it out. 🙂

  11. You rocked these! You definitely have some amazing light!! Keep playing around but if you find your lens not focusing on what you want it to you may need to do a focus test and see if there is an issue with your lens. Good luck!!! Thanks for the sweet shout out!!

  12. Hmmm….I might just have to look into BBF! Thanks for the info! BTW, you daughter is gorgeous!

  13. These are amazing photos. It’s hard to believe you were struggling a couple days ago. Your girl is beautiful.


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