loving light

My hard work this spring and summer paid off when my Nikon 50mm f/1.4 arrived yesterday!  Almost 24 hours passed before I was able to open the gold box and give her a try.  It was hard to wait, but the kiddos were demanding some summer fun and I couldn’t really say no.  When the time was right, I put her on my Niki D.  I found some gorgeous light streaming in and took some rather random shots.  The dog was my first victim subject.  At first she was being the blob that she is, so I had to rouse her a bit.  Usually I just say “cat” in a creepy breathy way and she gets flustered.

The way her bottom lip makes that little dip when she is barking makes me laugh.

and the tongue!

Next, I brought Jasper to the light.  He immediately stuck his bottom lip out and said no!  I pleaded for one shot and got this.

Poor, pitiful, photographed boy.  I shot this too wide open.  I need to find the sweetest spot for this lens still.  I was too caught in the light to play with the aperature, which was set at 2.5.  Still, wonderful light.  I’m still learning to use this lens.  I think I need to shoot at f/4 for sharpness.  Any thoughts?

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  1. Yes, wonderful light. Doesn’t it make a great excuse to pull out the camera? I can tell that is a sharp lens. Makes me want to update. Enjoy!

    • kimmyskids says:

      Super sharp and fast! I think the sweet spot may be at 4. However, I wanted also to see how creamy I could get with bokeh. Want to shoot at 1.4 to see that.

  2. Mine is a 1.8 & the sweet spot is around 3-3.2. I had it out earlier capturing kids playing in the rain. Not the greatest shot since I was trying to keep the camera dry but fun shots. Did you get the AF-S model?

    • kimmyskids says:

      I did get the AF-S. It cost almost as much as my 85. So, not cheap, at all. I once put a ziplock bag over my camera body and cut a lens hole while shooting in falling snow, trying to stay dry! Not sure how well I did since I was using a kit lens (shudder), but it was funny.

      • Funny! At least you had more mobility than me standing under the eaves. I was tempted to switch to a zoom. Which 85 do you have? I saw one on clist for $350 that I might check out.

  3. kimmyskids says:

    I have the 1.8, and bought it for about $505 thru B&H.

  4. These are great! Love the pug shots…they’re so fun and have a naturally animated looking face. I really hope you don’t have to shoot at f4 with that lens. If you do, you may want to send it back if you’re not getting the sharpness you should be at lower aperatures. I have 1.8 primes and I generally shoot around 2 or 2.2.

    • kimmyskids says:

      Hopefully user error then. I read something on amazon reviews abt shooting at 4. Haven’t actually put it to the test. I will practice, perhaps I am not still?

  5. these are really cute! Love the compositions.

  6. Oh, how I love pugs. I can totally picture that “flustered” behavior you described. 😉

    Do you use back button focus? When you’re wide open, with such a small depth of field, it can be hard to nail focus. BBF helps me steady the camera and lock focus at the same time.

  7. These are gorgeous, even the dog ones, but especially your son. Lovely light.

  8. Lovely photos! You definitely had some great light! That last one with your son would look really cool in black and white to show off the dramatic light! Congrats on the new lens!! That is next on my list!! Good luck finding your sweet spot on it! I think that is the hardest part about a new lens. I know with my 50mm f/1.8 it is around f/2.2. Maybe give that a try!! Thanks for linking up! P.S. Love the layout! This is the exact same one I have!!!!

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