after the rain

A lovely summer rain came through a few hours ago.  Wanting to see what my lens could do at 1.4, I decided to take advantage of the dewey flowers in my garden.

I love the composition of this, but I missed my focus though by grabbing the leafy frond instead of the daylily bud.

I can see that 1.4 doesn’t afford a tack sharp focus here, but the creamy background is lovely!  I love the punch of purple phlox contrasting the yellow of the lily and the green of the fronds.  So I’m wondering, will the cream of the background remain if I go to 1.8 or  2 or higher?



  1. Nice! I love creamy backgrounds. I get some pretty good cream at 1.8 & 2, but that 1.4 is nice.

  2. I love taking photos after the rain. Beautiful

  3. Gorgeous photos. I have lens envy!

  4. Thanks so much for swinging by my blog the other day! It’s a real pleasure to meet you. 🙂 I agree with you about the background of the 1.4 in this pic: SERENE!

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