almost 10

Last week I was itching for a photo shoot with one of my kids even though I just had two client shoots with slews of photos to process and edit.  My husband asked, “what, you didn’t have enough to do?”.   I wanted to take advantage of evening light and the new, currently unstained dress I just bought my daughter.  She will be 10 end of July, but we I decided to go ahead and shoot an “almost 10” session.   She was keen, which means I needed to strike while cooperation was present.  Truth told, we will probably do another when she is actually 10.

Sweet Shot Day



  1. She’s a doll! Love that twirling shot.

  2. Oh, these were goreous, just like she is! Love the colors and her sweet face!

    Hope you have a blessed day♥

  3. Oh my goodness. She is so comfortable here! What great shots. The colors and the smiles. Love it!

  4. These are so beautiful – her smile must light up a room for sure!

  5. What a lovely photo shoot! She really knows how to model. The first one is my favorite. I love her expression and the background.

  6. She is beautiful….watch out for the inevitable boys who’ll come ’round, sooner than you’d like.
    I love the motion shot. I used to teach this age and always smiled when girls “twirled” in their skirts…such a feminine and fun thing for them to do. Innocence.

  7. She has really stretched up since I saw you at the beginning of the year. Great shots. I printed and framed the contemplating photo of A for her 11 year old portrait.

  8. what great smile!

  9. I have an almost 10 as well. And he would probably stain his new clothes in a hurry too! She is adorable.

  10. What a sweet smile! I love how happy she looks here!

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