1000 shots

On my San Disks I have 1000+ images presently waiting to be sorted, tossed or kept, and polished in post processing.  In short, I just shot my first wedding!  I have fluctuated between perfectly calm and mildly stressed in the days leading up to the event.  The wedding was an intimate laid back affair, for which I am grateful.  I haven’t looked at the images yet because the day was so very tiring.  I had the camera in hand for 7 hours.  We had challenges.  As I showed up, the bride and bridemaids were dressing. We hoped to get outside for pre-wedding photos within the hour, and a freak summer thunderstorm complete with hail decided to crash the party.  After 2 hours the rain cleared, and we were able to proceed.  The after rain heat and humidity were fairly intense, but the harsh sun began to retreat leaving good backlit light, at least I assume it was, not having had a proper look.  By the time I arrived home, I was completely and utterly knackered.   Being a photographer is a tough gig, especially in the early years.  I study the “trade” every day just a little more.  I probably spend a good 2 hours a day learning new things or reviewing the things I have learned before.  During one of my study times, I came across a blog article that a photographer wrote about the misinformed things people say to photographers such as “your camera takes good pictures”.  I can’t remember where this was now to link back, so my disclaimer is that much of this is her sentiment, and my nod of agreement.  Those who have been in the profession for some time have heard this more than I have.   Apparently, this is one area where people have yet to understand what is entailed.  Like one would never say “your oven makes good cookies” (her words) , your keyboard writes wonderful stories, or that hammer of yours builds a mean house.  There really is so much to soak in and execute with accuracy from metering settings properly to finding the sweet light, then composing and making yourself a human tripod, and pushing that shutter….and really that is a very simplistic way of describing what happens.  Don’t forget the post processing that requires knowledge of a less than intuitive program, and managing your work flow.   It’s so much more than dropping a few thousand on a camera and expecting to pick it up and have amazing photos.  Buying the camera is the easy part, but using it outside of auto mode is a completely different game.   The moral of the story is that giving credit to a photographer’s camera is an insult.  I couldn’t agree more.   Sure the equipment is sweet. But, the camera is a tool and a tool is only as good as the hands it is in.  I have been clawing  my way for a year and a half learning a little bit here and a little bit there.  I’m constantly learning and trying.  I study and study.  I go without new clothes to persue my dream of really succeeding in this line of art.  My earnings are seed money towards growing in the craft.  I know beyond a shadow of doubt that I have a long road ahead of me and yet I have seen what a difference a year makes. It’s apples and oranges.  I physically exhausted myself at this first wedding.  It’s tough, not going to lie.  There are times I want to cry and get the blues because I want to be so much more ahead of where I am.  Yet, I know that anything worth having is worth working diligently for.  I also know anything I achieve is by God’s good grace and His blessings on me.  It’s all to His glory anyway and He owns the talent. He’s just letting me borrow a little bit more each year.  I have been blessed and have had amazing people who have encouraged ME and not my camera.  I have had people willing to take a chance on me, and one couple has gotten me more work through their connections and have been my biggest cheerleaders.  For all these things, I am thankful…And you know who you all are, dear clients.   I have only had to endure two snide comments, which really were humorous when I thought about it.  I realized it was just lack of understanding and not malice…which I think was the point of the blog post.  Kind of a steel yourself for these comments kind of thing because they will come and discourage you, if you let them.  Just for fun, here is my favorite (out of 2) comment:

Woman: I hear you take really nice pictures.

Me: (surprised) Oh? Well, thank you! (feeling encouraged)

Woman: Well, it’s not rocket science, is it?  You just hold the camera and push the button.

Me: ummm, uh….

Really, I had no idea what to say in response to that…trying to be gracious and all.  After my initial stammering for words, it really gave me a chuckle and I found it kind of cute considering the source.  Like I said, I’ve been blessed; so why get upset?

Here’s to working for it… in manual!



  1. I can’t wait to see some of Saturday’s shots! I prayed for you off and on all day. I remember thinking as we left for dinner how beautiful the light was and hoping you were catching it.
    I read the same article you are referring to. That comment you got cracks me up. Sound like something one of my kids would come up with.

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