4 part 2

After seeing Kung Fu Panda 2 and eating at Chick-fil-a, Jasper opened his gifts….a few Cars 2 toys, and then played in the backyard.  I had the bright idea of buying Crayola “washable” colored bubbles.  You’d think I’d be on to all these washable products after all these years, but I get suckered by the visions of fun and the cool factor.  I bought pink, orange, and blue bottles.  At least I had the forethought to remove Jasper’s shirt, even though the bottle claimed to be spill proof.  It may have been spill proof, but it wasn’t drip proof, at all!

Oooh, pretty blue bubbles!

‘ang on, wot’s this then?

(insert your favorite wailing noise)

We put a stop to bubble making and tried to clean up, but mainly smeared the blue around.  A bath is the best way to remove the color.  The older kids had color splotches all over the feet and hands.  This seemed like a good idea, but I think it was just generally a mess. Perhaps this is best left to when they have on a bathing suit and can turn the hose on them after.

Cake makes a great distraction.

See the wonky left corner?  My sister in law did that. Ha!



  1. Glad to hear the review on the blue bubbles since my 1st reaction was “Cool!!! I’ll have to get some of those,” but having read on I think we may skip this product, but it did get me laughing (and I needed a laugh). Absolutely adorable….I love all the expressions on his little face!

  2. kimmyskids says:

    Glad I could help with advice and the laugh!

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