Lovely Laura

I had a photo shoot with some friends yesterday and this picture of LA has had me in a puddle.  Isn’t she just amazing?  These photos are a surprise for a certain dad; for a certain holiday….so….shhh!

Mr. Will is this little one’s big brother, and they are quite opposites in coloring.

They are such a sweet brother and sister pair!

Sweet Shot Day



  1. Oh WOW!! I am so pleased! Cannot wait to give this!

  2. i just love your photography so much!
    you’re very talented!!

  3. Gorgeous! Great capture.

  4. Oh, definitely sweetness galore! What a wonderful Father’s Day gift. 🙂

  5. What great photos – their dad will love them!

  6. Oh my, they are both so adorable! You’ve captured them so amazingly. Beautiful shots! Love the soft lighting..

  7. Great photos! He’s going to love these beautiful shots of the kids!

  8. These are really great shots of these kids. They’re so cute!

  9. These were ALL indcredible.

    Hope you have a GREAT day!!

  10. Wow, they are so photogenic! Adorable last picture together! That Daddy will be so touched be this gift! Lucky guy!

  11. Beautiful subjects, beautiful pics!

  12. Sweet pics. Their daddy will love them.

  13. Fabulous shots! That’s ne lucky dad!

  14. Love the last shot! Great job!

  15. These are great, he will love them!

  16. These are beautiful!

  17. Adorable children. Wonderful images! Love these!

  18. Love these images….beautiful light and love how you caught the catchlights in their eyes!

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