Morning Glory and Greg

An old Coke was thrown at a bush, and out came a screeching bird.   Moments later baby birds were heard in the bush.  My very nature loving daughter became alarmed that the mother bird abandoned her babies because the Coke frightened her.  We tried to reassure her that the mother would return, but my daughter would not rest assured.  After being told that the babies were “screaming”, I decided to go check things out, just incase.  I found two nestlings and my daughter quickly gave them the names of Morning Glory and Greg! Greg cracks me up.  Who names a bird Greg?  The answer would be my daughter, who also names frogs Kevin and lizards Ed.  Confession: I became attached to the birds too.  We began a little research to find out what kind of birds we had and what all was acceptable to do with them.  We discovered that we had nestling Towhees.  The mother and father have been visible, which has helped to identify the birds.  We also made sure that human scent would not be a risk in handling the birds.  It isn’t, and that was all we needed to know.  I took the birds out of the nest to examine them, making sure that all was well.  Greg is bigger and obviously hogging the food.   Morning Glory is quite small and we feared she may get pushed out of the nest by Greg.  Gracyn did find two other dead baby birds this week.  We decided that Morning Glory would not be evicted on our watch.  We began supplementing her food with mashed berries after researching the diet of Towhees.  We have left her alone plenty for the mother to continue doing her job, and are merely “making sure” of things.

Not the greatest attempt at a bird photo, but this is Morning Glory.

Greg decided to “fledge” yesterday.  As we were attending to MG, he jumped out of the nest.  We thought it was a fluke and put him back in.  He jumped again.  We decided that he did indeed mean to fledge and left him to it.  The mother came to coax him to follow her.  She hopped towards him and Greg would hop in following.  We haven’t seen him today and hope that he made it where he needed to be.  We hope the dratted cats of the ‘hood let him be.

The maiden voyage of Greg.  Sorry for the flashy photo.  I used flash *gasp*…it’s 9 PM.    Farewell Greg. We hope to see you flying soon!

We are keeping an eye on MG.  She’s probably getting better feedings now.  It has been neato to see the parents care for their young.  Hands down best science lesson of the year!



  1. good old Greg. Glad he didn’t kick MG out of the nest. 🙂

  2. Hands on science! Love it! It reminds me of the year we had Robins nesting in the eve of the front porch. I walk through the living room and notice the parents dive bombing and hear my kids screaming. The birds were fledging and my kids were picking them up, climbing the rail and putting them back in their nest. The parents were dive bombing the kids and the kids were waving sticks and brooms at the parents to keep them at bay. There were three or four birds and everytime the kids would put one in the nest another would jump out, like popcorn.

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