back on track

We’ve been struggling through the first couple weeks of summer.  I go through a mini funk at the beginning of every break wondering how we should spent our time.  The first two weeks I felt that we floundered through the days and I can’t tolerate floundering unless I am on vacation, as in at the beach.  I’m a firm believer in energy begetting energy.  I have been completely knackered every day from lack of structure and consistent activity.  Last night I was ready to take the bull by the horns and give our summer some shape.  The first thing I did was to assign summer chores for the kids to not only take the whole weight off me, but to give them something to do that actually has a character building component.  This is what they will do every day:

G: (almost 10 years old)

make bed and clean room every morning

wipe her bathroom sink down daily

feed the dog

keep playroom clean

help with dinner

water garden in the evening

put away belongings before bed

A: (6 yrs old)

make bed and clean room in the morning

wipe down breakfast table at the end of the meal

clean playroom

wipe down office furniture

set dinner table

pick up belongings before bed

J: (4 yrs old)

help clean bedroom in the morning

help keep playroom clean

wipe down living room furniture

put away belongings before bed

I’ve also instituted the 5 minute clean up.  Anytime the house starts getting ratty I can yell out “5 minute clean up!” and the kids must rush around cleaning up earnestly for 5 minutes.  It is equivalent to 15 minutes of work with 3 kids.   The kids have been game for having responsibilities.  I love the 5 minute clean up rule because I don’t have to get frustrated that legos are scattered all over the house…AGAIN…or that I just cleaned and the messes have gathered within minutes.  None of these are new ideas to us, but summer is a great retraining time.

We are adopting our usual summer loosely.  We will more than likely use the days like this:

Monday: Library, and errands

Tuesday: Summer movies or Pool

Wednesday: Zoo, Fernbank, or other outing…Pool time

Thursday: Pool

Friday: spontaneous day

Of course there will days with grandparents as well.

Personally I will need time to work on preparing for the upcoming school year and working photography jobs….which I have in plenty right now! 🙂  Praise the Lord!

I’m feeling optomistic today because I feel that we are getting back on track.  We have started this day well and I even have food in the crock pot for dinner which helps because I am about to tackle a million pictures waiting in the edit que!

Being that my edit que is packed, I have few no new pictures of the kids this week.  However, I have one I didn’t share from last week’s library trip.  I captured this one from a gap in the other side of the book shelf Jasper was busy scanning.



  1. Cindy Leaf says:

    Thanks for the fabulous ideas! I have really dropped the ball with giving my kids responsibilities and then following up. I love the “5 min” idea! I am so inspired! I also love the energy begats energy belief. Right now I have none, but I know if I could just get myself into something it would develop.

    I love the picture of Jasper!

    Miss you, friend!


    • kimmyskids says:

      Thanks Lou! We’ve struggled too and have been strong for awhile followed by weak for awhile.

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