This blog post will expose me.  I am a closet Boy Band fan.  I don’t know exactly how it happened, but I do know when it happened.  In 1996, I left the States and moved overseas to Asia.  If you ever did the same thing, I could stop there. Nuff said.  In case you have never had this experience, I will explain.  American music has a place in the world, but there is another type of music that while not played here, the rest of the world is hearing it.  Frankly, it is kind of a shame.  On my first exposure to this “other” music, I think I giggled and thought, “what is this?”.  But then…it grew on me.  Maybe it was the whole idea of liking what you have, because it is all you have.   Now, I have some  fun, lovely memories with this music being played in the background of those years.  I was young, living overseas in a new culture, and didn’t need to concern myself with what was “cool”.  I could just embrace.  When I came back for a visit to the States, Iwas surprised that no one ever heard the songs I had been listening to for years.  Differences in taste, I suppose.  One of these groups is Take That.  They were huge in the UK and other countries on the other side of the world. Recognize them?

They were the first “boy band” of the 90’s.  They actually had one single in the States and you may remember this song,  Back for Good.   They were told that the concept of a boy band would never fly in the States.  A few years later, Back Street Boys and others came on the music scene, proving that theory wrong.  Take That got the short end of that stick.  A few years later, problems with one member, Robbie Williams, ended up breaking the band up.  Robbie, Mark, and Gary began pursuing solo careers. Markie (my favorite) had moderate success.  Robbie had wild success.  I love Robbie’s solo work and his lyrics are really thoughtful.  I never could understand why the US didn’t like him.  He has a great voice.  This is my favorite Robbie song: Angels

When we came back to the States the opportunity to hear this kind of music, mainly British influenced, was no longer heard.  I haven’t been pleased with the inane music played on the radio today.  The teenage boy or girl singing substance-less lyrics has gotten tired.  Maybe I’m just old, but I’m tired of the songs about partying, drinking, and loose behavior.  Sorry, but it is trash.  The times I have tried listening to current music have quickly ended within minutes.  I have to listen to the music I enjoy on You Tube.  I discovered something this past week.  I totally missed Take That’s comeback!! They have been back together a few years and Robbie has come back recently as well!  I have been finding all their music on You Tube and itunes.  Can’t believe I missed this!  These guys are all around 40 years old and bringing the boy band to man band…succesfully.  They are the biggest band in the UK currently.  Backstreet where are you?

I wish the States would give some consideration to these guys, though I suspect we are too set in our ways with our money making machine of grooming 16 year olds to crank out naff music for the masses. Not to mention that Take That is very British, which I love, love, love.

I love Markie’s accent in Up All Night.  Adorable.  I’m a bit of an anglophile and have been for about 15 years which I don’t think is too much of a shocker for most who know me deeply.  Wish I had tickets to Wembley Stadium in July or just being able to get copies of The Circus and Progress. Come on itunes!

Last night I watched their documentary Look Back, Don’t Stare.  It was really intereting getting their backstory.  They’ve come a long way.  Here’s their latest Love Love.



  1. It’s all about NSYNC for me!

  2. I think if I had daughters, I’d know more about these groups. I have two boys (men now) and they would not have been caught dead listening to anything resembling a boy band. 🙂

  3. OMG…they aged well! i may have to go check out itunes now (I’m an 80’s alternative gal)

  4. I never even knew that Robbie Williams was part of a boy band until I read your post. I love his music. 🙂

    • kimmyskids says:

      YES Maam, he was and is! 🙂 I love his solo work, but he is sounding quite good back with Take That.

  5. rhianna says:

    That’s really fun, Kim- I’ll have to check them out. And the pictures below display J’s little boy beauty to its fullest- well done!

    • kimmyskids says:

      You’ve probably heard them unwittingly. Can’t imagine they haven’t been blasted in the shops there! 🙂

  6. I like them! Thanks for sharing. I love a good British Band.

  7. Have you heard of JLS? You might like them too – they are a popular British band. You could also stream Capital FM or KISS from London. I love the same kind of music 🙂 XOL

  8. Take That! I was a huge fan! 🙂

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