Joshua fought the battle

My kids were part of the church musical a few weeks ago, and yes, I am just now posting pictures.  I have to confess that the musical snuck up on me this year and that I honestly do not know the name of the play.  Confessing this will surely bring a few rebuffs from some of my friends that worked so hard on the musical.  It’s my fault.  I’ve been totally distracted this year.  I only invited my family to see the play two days before the actual performance! There, that’s my defense. Weak, but there it is.  I do know that it was about Joshua and Jericho.  I also know that it was well directed and performed well.  Gracyn even had a line.

Aidan was in a marching band as part of the marching around  Jericho that brought the wall down.  He even got so vigorous in his marching that he fell down!  Where’s AFV when you need ’em? 

Look at that open mouth.  That’s an excited kid.  That’s potential energy.  That’s a fall about to happen.  Too bad my camera didn’t capture him on the ground moments later.  He bounced back though.

Recovery!  The show must go on!






  1. Hate that I missed it. I bet it was fun!

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