4 years ago

A realization dawned on me recently.  I have blogged for 4 years!  Well, 4 years tomorrow.  While I am certainly not the most followed blogger in the blogosphere (not even close), it has been a great journal of all the things that have occured in these years.  If I were relying on a paper journal, I would not have kept this up, I am sure.  Even though I share many things publically, in actuality, this blog is for us.  I hope someone is coming up with a way to archive blogs for posterity when I decide one day to end this journal keeping so that my kids will have them always.  Who knows what technology will exist and if blogs will be something to laugh at one day.  These last four year have been interesting, hard, and have birthed new things.  If I call some things to mind it would list like this:

  • finishing up a 7 month bedrest with my 3rd pregnancy
  • having a beautiful baby boy added to our family
  • saying goodbye to a vision, friends, defacto family members, a country…leaving Thailand and moving back to the States
  • saying hello to our family here
  • sadness
  • figuring out the new me
  • struggling to make real friendships
  • living with inlaws who graciously let us in their home while we sorted our lives out
  • taking on the homeschooling life
  • buying our first house here
  • watching my in laws lose their home to a fire, but getting it back again much, much later
  • Jack taking on a new career
  • struggles and hardships with starting over…really hard times
  • questions and doubts
  • working and serving many, but still not fitting in
  • desperately missing intimacy and shared experiences with our team in Thailand
  • grief
  • eventually making some connections with one or two people, and disappointments with others
  • staying the course
  • getting to be a part of an awesome t-group (ladies Bible Study and accountability group)…which “saved” me emotionally in many ways
  • joining another Bible study during summers at church
  • finding a heart connection with a few ladies
  • beginning a small group Bible study in our home
  • Jack becomes an elder at church
  • finding something just for me…photography…which “saved” me creatively in many ways
  • taking some classes, practicing, beginning a small photography business…getting some people willing to take a chance on me
  • adding one more to the homeschooling mix
  • feeling more connected overall
  • settling some questions by not having the answers, but by letting go of the need to know
  • feeling more at peace
  • finding some fits for me, walking through open doors, ignoring the closed ones…or at least not jiggling the handles quite as much 🙂
  • normalcy and stability
  • feeling more supported
  • helping others to be supported
  • enjoying my pace
  • growing more and more
  • watching our children grow and develop in every way
  • going on our first vacation in 4 years
  • learning patience and dealing with things with grace…not letting it all hang out, gaurding my heart…except here in this post, apparently. 😉

This list has many “downer” things on it, but it was/is the reality.  God has His purposes in them.  However, one thing has been constant, and that is God’s faithfulness in all of it!  People and situations may have let me down, but God never did, not one single time.  He proved to me that things wouldn’t always be hard, and that smooth places still exist…even for me.  I didn’t mean for this post to get all serious and weird. Really!  Reflecting on these years is good.  I’m leaving so many things out.  I don’t want people to leave this post saying, “dang!”  God has been really, really good.  To Him be all the glory!  God has shown us snippets of His plan and how He IS using us and will continue to use us. 

Here’s the link to my very first post.  My how things have “evolved” over the years!



  1. rhianna says:

    Happy anniversary, Kim! The difficult parts of the journey make the now all the sweeter- thanks for sharing the ups and the downs.

  2. I’m so glad you blog. It helps keep us connected. I enjoyed reading your list it reflects Gods faithfulness.

  3. I love that you are so honest and real in your anniversary post! I really enjoy coming and visiting your blog, makes me feel a little closer to you even though we do not talk or see each other.
    Maybe one day we can catch up irl, but until that day I will enjoy visiting your blog to stay a little part of your life!

    • kimmyskids says:

      Thank you Monica! Your comments make my day! I enjoy seeing your pics of your kiddos and your goings on too!

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