ladies brunch

A lovely tradition of our church is to honor all ladies on Mother’s Day with a brunch during the Sunday School hour.  The MEN bring casseroles, fruit, pastries, juice, and coffee.  Some MEN take the children’s Sunday School classes and teach the lessons.  MEN serve all the ladies by bringing around plates of food, filling coffee cups, and replenishing juice cups.  This year we even had a MAN or two play instrumental music in the background.  Isn’t that lovely? The ladies were able to enjoy fellowship sans children and feast on all the food prepared by the MEN… I’m sure some had help, but by all accounts of my hearing the MEN made the food!  Being served and recognized for our serving is really wonderful.  My table was full of godly, beautiful women both inside and out.  I wasn’t able to get pictures of them all because of being too close to some, but here are a few of the ladies whose company I enjoyed.


These ladies were all so lovely and colorful, but my nemesis, flourescent lightening, was working his evil.  Black and White has a documentary feel, so I am going to roll with that.

Deviled eggs, ladies?

May I refill your coffee?

The men serenade us each year with a song during the offeratory.  This year was “How Great Thou Art” lead by Mr. JB.  This is also a lovely tradition and these men sing big!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies who give and serve year round!



  1. I can see the side of Jonathan’s head poking out

  2. kimmyskids says:

    LOL…me too now that you mention it!

  3. I need to figure out how to link things and just use this post for me! You know I bet I can at least partially work that thing and we can have a pic or two of the invisible girl behind the cam. Nice post. Happy Mother’s Day. Jack’s casserole was fab.

    • kimmyskids says:

      I don’t even let Jack touch it. 🙂 Norm told him that was par for photographers and that he is the same way. I “might” let Norm hold it. 🙂

  4. What a nice treat! I like your documentary style.

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