having an epiphanie

Mommy’s day came early this year with the gift of an epiphanie camera bag!  These bags are designed for women photographers who want to carry their equipment with a little femininity.  Hubs and the kiddos gave me the red Lola!  I picked this bag out for myself about 6 months ago, but never mentioned it.  When Jack did an online search for a pretty camera bag, he found the same bag and asked if I liked it!  Maybe he does know me after all these years.  I love that this bag is stylish, but also it holds so much more than my previous bag…which in comparison to the Lola looks a shameful fright.  Did I really carry that “thing” around?  This image is a little deceiving in that it looks too small to hold a body, lenses, and other equipment, but currently I am carrying  a body and 4 lenses! I am also packing batteries, filters, and other bits and bobs. Love this bag!  Love too, that I can carry this without also having to carry a purse! Can just add keys, a little lippy, sunglasses and wallet and I’m off.  Many times I have left the camera home because I didn’t want to lug a camera bag and purse.  No more missed photo ops!

epiphanie has other styles at their lookbook.  Image credit epiphaniebags.com


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