Happy Easter!

We celebrated Easter in a very low-key fashion.  We did our traditional Easter Baskets in the morning, dressed for church, took pictures, worshipped, and actually ate out rather than cooking a huge ham and sides for just us.  We did manage to grill out for dinner.  I just wasn’t in the mood to go the extra mile this year.  Even so, we had a relaxing day at home after worship.  We ate too much candy (but it will be gone sooner), and blew bubbles in the backyard.  Our morning photo shoot shows the kids in their Easter garb.  We opted not to do Easter eggs colors this year,and instead go muted. 

G was so happy in her new dress, scarf, bracelet, and gladiators.  Her hair is still wet here, but we didn’t have time to complete our normal ponytail maintenance plan so early.  She is growing up so fast!

I love A sporting this smirk with his Chucks!

J was not very interested in Easter pictures.  He was too engrossed in the Toy Story matchbox-like cars from his Easter basket.  But I got this a few minutes later.

This look is utter camera induced exasperation, but I love it!  He’s just so adorable whether exasperated or not.   Happy Easter all!



  1. Love the pics and that last one of J. AHHHH! Perfection!!! I let my kids off and didn’t make them pose for easter pics. I took a few snapshots for my mother’s sake, she was bummed I didn’t enforce Easter pics. We too had a very relaxing day over at my parents. We had a lunch out on the deck and the kids played out while we visited.

  2. I forgot to say A will just LOVE G’s ensemble. Finding shoes that A liked for Easter was such a chore. We finally settled on black, clog sandals…definitely didn’t go great with her dress, but she liked them and they were comfortable. Although I let my kids off yesterday w/o photos they will have to pose next week for them. I’m taking them to Bonnie P’s to take some portraits. She has a wedding this weekend and has the place all fixed up, so next week will be a great time to go.

  3. Great pics! We have some cute kids!

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