The Po Po: deconstructed

Look at this sweet face.  This snaggle-toothed boy had an encounter with the law tonight.   The road to the incident was a long one.  Three years in the making, to be exact.  It all started when his dad got a new phone.  Innocently, Dad gave the boy the old phone to play with.  This old phone was not in service for calls.  Essentially it could only be used to play music, a few games, and a bunch of make-believe.  For three years, this worked out well…until tonight.   The boy was in bed as usual, and took the phone with him to play with.  30 minutes later, he came into my room and stated that “a lady wanted to talk to me”.  My exact words were, “buddy, there isn’t anybody on that phone.”  “It doesn’t really work.”  Somehow, I felt that I needed to answer the phone even though I knew this was irrational.  I answered.  I said, “hello?”  There was silence.  Again I repeated, “Buddy, there isn’t anyone there.”  Then I heard, “hello”, on the other end.   The next words I heard were, “This is ___________ county 911, are you ok?”   I said that I was ok and then did the whole pull the phone away from my ear to confirm that I was indeed on a serviceless phone.  I was.  I went on to explain how my son was playing with an inactive phone and somehow also thought that was going to remove the possibility of speaking with 911.  What I found out was that inactive phones can still call 911.  I mean, yes, thanks, I am discovering that just now myself!  I told the operator that I would take the phone away considering this new information.  She confirmed my name and address, and that I was indeed ok.  We hung up and I explained to my son what happened, and that we shouldn’t call 911, unless we really needed to.  It was an honest mistake.  12 minutes later, our door bell rang.  My first thought was, “it’s the police!”  I yelled down to my husband to ask if it was the police, he said yes, as he opened the door.  My son began to bawl.

A little back story is that for the past couple weeks, we have driven past prison detail on a road near our subdivision.  Aidan has been fascinated by this.  Every time we drive past, he begins to ask a litany of questions about how they ended up in prison and what kinds of things people do to get sent to prison.  He might ask, “if you drive without a licence, will you go to jail?”OR “if a baby drives a car, will he go to jail?” Better still, “if someone drives a car without a licence, but doesn’t know he is driving a car, will he go to jail?”  Somehow it mostly involves driving.  He’s had prison on the brain.

The doorbell rings; it is the police.  You know what he is thinking….”is this one of those things that will send me to jail?”   He comes running to me, clinging to me, and crying.  The police officers were very gracious.  I brought Aidan to them and they reassured him that he was alright, and not in trouble.  The did not lecture him, at all.  It was not a kid prank, and therefore, not necessary to scare him further.  Aidan shook hands with them, did fist bumps, and even got to go turn the blue lights on in the car.  After that, he ran back in the house.  He was done with the Po Po.  Lesson learned and I think it was more a parental lesson than anything.  He is ok with not having that phone to play with ever again.   He was sound asleep within minutes.  I think he was traumatized a bit.  Jack and I have been snickering off and on.  It is kind of funny.   Actually, his dad has done this before too while trying to dial area code 912 and the 1 button got stuck.  The cops showed up then too.  I guess it is hereditary.



  1. Only Aidan! Bless his little heart, especially after Jabber told him the police were coming to take him to jail after he pushed him. This is too funny!!!!!

  2. Oh poor little guy! Good to know about the phones, though- I usually give my kids my old phones too.

  3. Funny but not! Glad to know that as my kids like to play with old phones too. We usually remove the battery though, and now I will make sure we do.

  4. What a story and what an adventure for A! My burning question is, what is the Po Po? The police or the phone? Happy Easter- sweet to see the little ones looking so dapper, and not so little- especially G- gracious! I hope there’s still lots of little girl play left for she and Em!

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