Sweet Shot Tuesday

I take back what I said in my previous post.  I said that my middle child was incredibly difficult to photograph due to lack of interest in being photographed.  I gotta tell ya; he’s been more willing to smile for the camera lately.  It’s been like torture trying to get my other two to make eye contact with my lens.  I think they draw straws to see which one has to cooperate when I feel like taking some shots.  I guess Aidan has been drawing the short straw, but he’s just really given some cuteness lately.

Sweet Shot Day

I took this one a few days ago (see previous post), but tried out a black and white conversion.

Finally, I did manage to get one shot of  “Jabber”.  He tells me that he doesn’t know how to smile anymore.  He’s trying to stifle this one.



  1. Terrific shots! And boy, are your kids ever cute!

  2. These are all fabulous! Your boys definitely know what to do in front of the camera even if they don’t realize it!

  3. Your kids are darling! Love all the shots. They both smile so perfectly.

  4. Definitely lots of cuteness. I love the black and white.

  5. Well you sure got him!! GREAT shot…

    They are precious♥

  6. Great shots! I know what you mean about them drawing straws to see who has to cooperate with mom’s camera in your face zealousness. 😀 Little J looks like quite the character and A definitely reminds me of your Big J,e specially that B&W shot.

  7. Heartbreakers I tell you! They are just so cute! The B & W is full of mood and depth…very nice!

  8. Enjoying taking this photographer’s journey with you. I am so happy for you.

  9. Those are some sweet shots! Love the gap tooth grins!

    Tamar – linking up w/ community global

  10. Great Smiles!

  11. Such beautiful children! They were just made to be photographed!

  12. Beautiful shots…wish my boys would let me take pictures:) Have a great weekend. Thanks for the visit.


  13. He’s absolutely darling… what a handsome little boy. 🙂 My son tells me that he doesn’t know how to smile either when I tell him to smile, so sometimes I get smirks and grimaces. Once in a while, though, I’m lucky enough to catch him in a natural smile. =)

  14. Wow, amazing portraits of your boys! Love that your youngest is trying to hide that smile. 🙂

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