85 mm

This week I finally received my 85 mm lens!  I have had this lens on my wish list for awhile.  Recently, I was asked to be the photographer for a wedding, and I could not shoot it on my current equipment, no way, no how.  I bought the lens so I could accept the wedding, to pay for the lens!  I’m finding that this is the situation in the first years of portrait taking.  You work, to pay for the equipment.  No profits! I’m happy as a lark about it regardless! 

I’ve had the lens just a few days, and have been going a little crazy to practice with it.  However, there has still been school and home obligations, which must come first.  Today is a cloudy day, which seemed to be an opportunity.  However, I found that shooting on a cloudy day at noon is still no bueno.  The kids were still squinting like crazy.   I’m hoping to ride the squinties out, by trying later.  It was frustrating trying to get the kids to open their eyes.  Pointless is a better word.   This photo is the only decent one I got.  Not technically perfect, but still cute!  A is my most difficult child to photograph.  He just can’t be bothered to sit for a photo.  I am working on him though.   This pose was his pose, not coerced in any way.  You can see this photo larger by clicking on it, but please do not copy!

:: edit::

Here’s what I got trying a few hours later:



  1. Awesome! So excited for you. Even on a cloudy day you can tell a difference in the light color. That photo of G looks much warmer than the one of A. G looks like a super model. So gorgeous. Great shot of A, too though. Your kids are all beautiful.

  2. Nice pp then! Redid the newborn family yesterday evening. They LOVED the slide show and have a friend interested in my shooting their birth. I’m back to blogging again.

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