Sweet Shot Tuesday

This past weekend I had an opportunity to work on developing more skills in newborn photography.  This is my friend’s baby boy, Asher.  Knowing how difficult and unpredictable newborn photography can be, this little guy was fairly calm throughout the shoot.  He did pee on the props, which I expected, and he was good to let us know when he was ready to call it a day.  I probably got a good hour in before he was toast.  I will be capturing Asher’s first year and look forward to creating treasures for his mommy and daddy. Oh, and I’m getting “new glass” this week!  So.Very.Thrilled!

Sweet Shot Day



  1. That’s a great picture! He looks like a little doll, so cute.

  2. baby love….so beautiful. Thanks for popping by my blog. Nice to meet you via the blogosphere 🙂

  3. Proud of you K!

  4. What a doll!

  5. Great job!! What a precious baby♥

  6. beautiful photo!!

  7. Love, love, love babies. He’s so sweet!

  8. Such cute photo!

  9. so sweet!

  10. Just stunning!

  11. Precious!

  12. Beautiful shot! I love photographing babies, and you did an excellent job! What’s your new glass?? That’s super exciting!!

  13. Oh, so precious! 🙂

    How exciting that you are getting new lenses! I just looked into some pro glass that a friend recommended and almost fell off the bed. Since I am no pro, I can’t fully justify spending that much. 🙂

  14. love it!!

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