On the farm

We had an opportunity to join our friend, Erica, for a trip to a farm.   She was already taking her kiddos to visit their family friends to see the baby animals and asked us to tag along!  It was a treat.  Our first site was these little porkers.

I can understand why catching a greased pig is such a difficult and comical “sport”.  These piglets, while not greased, were on the move anytime one of us came close.   If anyone moved quickly toward them, they began to run en masse.   This was about as close a shot as one could get without a zoom.

A corn crib was located near the goats, and the owners of the farm graciously let the kids grab a few ears to feed the animals.   PJ and Missy were the lucky goats that were fed a bit much corn.

Gathering eggs was a fun task for the kids.  They worked together to collect a small basket.   Then, it was time to pull kernels off the dried corn cobs to feed the chickens.

This is Sherman, one of the farm dogs. 

The kids were helpers by moving the Poulets to the hen tractor, where they feed on fresh grass.

What farm trip would be complete without a tractor….err…4 wheeler with a trailer ride? Check out this lot.

There is another farm dog, Daisy, who has just become a new mum!

We saw her new babies!

Thus, ended our tour of the spring farm, where life begins anew!  Our hosts warmly sent us off with a carton of fresh farm eggs and a little education. 

Happy Spring Y’all!



  1. Fun!

  2. Cindy Leaf says:

    What a wonderful experience!

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