Gyudon (Japanese beef and rice bowl)


This bowl of yumminess was my project for lunch today.  It was everything I drooled it would be.  This is one of my classic comfort foods from our time living abroad.  When we ate Japanese food we either ate at Fuji or Zen.  Eating at Fuji meant that I ordered this meat with stir-fried veggies, while eating at Zen meant that I would order a bowl of Gyudon.   Creature comforts.   I stumbled upon this recipe recently at Appetite for China.  This dish is so easy to make.  The hardest part is waiting for the rice to cook.  While the blogger at Appetite for China used long- grained rice for this dish, I highly recommend using Japanese short- grained (sushi) rice.  It makes a difference, and I know the Japanese would approve.   The other real obstacle may be finding the right meat.  My Asian grocer carries thinly sliced rib-eye in the frozen section.  You need thin, marbled beef to achieve this dish.  It’s also salty because of the copious amounts of dark soy used.  I opted for the low sodium variety and still it was salty…but it is meant to be!  One of the best parts of eating this dish is getting to the remaining rice at the bottom of the bowl bathed in the sauce….so.very.good.  Pop over to Appetite for China to see this recipe.  All you will need is sushi rice, thin rib-eye meat, onion, soy, mirin, cooking sake, a little sesame oil, and white sesame seeds for garnish.  Couldn’t be easier or tastier!


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