Sweet Shot Tuesday

Recently I had a photo shoot with two sweet, gorgeous kiddos.  I stumbled upon a small, practically deserted “Main Street” in a nearby town.  It was a very cool place to have our session.  There was rustic charm oozing all over every surface!  I adore this playful shot of B.  His expression is priceless and his boots were THE perfect touch.  Definately a sweet shot!

Sweet Shot Day



  1. adorable. his expression makes me want to know why he is so excited. i like how you used the background to grab texture

  2. Great shot! Love the blue door.

  3. Great expression and even better backdrop. Very nice.

  4. Nice capture! And great location find! That blue is just wonderful!

  5. I just love this! so sweet indeed!

  6. love the blue, expression and style!

  7. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this shot!! His expression, pose, everything. Perfection!

  8. LOVE! What a great shot, everything is just right.


  9. too cute!

  10. I love that blue background! Great shot.

  11. Wow, that is just the perfect background! Love the color and his happy face.

    Erika B

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