not so sweet

It’s Tuesday and I do not have a sweet shot that I can share today.  I have plenty up my sleeve for the coming weeks, but want to wait until the clients I just shot get the first look!   I didn’t have much to pull out of my arsenal because we have been busy caring for our 3-year-old who fell and bit through his lip a little over a week ago.  Actually, he was dropped.  His older brother picked him up and began to twirl. This is a HUGE no no in our house.  After all, this same older brother was twirled into a wall 3 years ago, essentially knocking his front teeth out.  Thus, twirling IS a forbidden activity indoors.  As my husband was just about to issue the “that’s dangerous” warning, our older son dropped his little brother.  He face planted.  He bit into his inner lower lip.  A huge gash was left in the wake that did not heal well.  He had a small surgical procedure today to correct the remnants of skin that decided to stick around.  It was a simple cut and stitch job, but was causing this mom much consternation!  He came through the procedure like a champ and all’s well that ends well.  A picture less post in the blogosphere is an abomination, I know.   But, that’s how we are going to roll today.



  1. Sounds like the chaos of my house. I managed to run into the desk this morning and I think I broke my toe. Boy does it hurt and then add to that a few minutes later I got an email from my mw telling me to be on call for today/tonight that she thought the mom was going into labor. I may end up doing my first shoot with a bit of a hobble and pain. Praying I can still concentrate. Glad J. on the mend.

  2. Oh dear, brothers! So sorry for the trauma.

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