Wednesday words and a tip


Has come to town

With a yellow petticoat

And a pretty green gown


My last variety of daffodils has finally bloomed! They are so delicate.

And look at this…


A tiny bloom on my sweet peas! Sweet peas we shall have!

While we are busy taking shots of our gardens, let me offer you a small tip.  Don’t shoot down on your plants and blooms like this:

See the difference? Get on level with your blooms and get close…as close as you can while staying in focus.  Happy snapping!


Sorry for the wonky poem at the top.  WordPress is having *issues*.



  1. Beautiful! I’m so excited about spring and gardening!!
    Great tip, too. Eye level or below with plants, animals, kids! 😀 I try to stick to this rule, but sometimes I so badly need to capture the fleeting moment, that I snp before I can get in position. 😉 Life happens, eh? I’m learning as I go.

  2. Love your flower shots! The poem made me think of my husband’s grandmother who called jonquils “JohnnyQuills”!

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