Sweet Shot Tuesday

This is totally a recycle, but with a new edit!  I’m up to my ears with homeschooling, housekeeping, meal prep, painting a bedroom, and trying to be a good friend.  I enjoy posting a “Sweet Shot” each week and didn’t want to miss out!  This is my beautiful daughter, with her beautiful, but often unmanageable hair.

To get this hair we have to wash it at night and braid it while still wet.  She sleeps on it.  The wet braid prevents a horrible comb out in the morning.  In the morning we take out the braid, rewet her hair with a spray bottle, mousse it, and then put it in a pony tail.  A few hours later we take the pony tail down, and this is the hair you get!  High maintenance hair for sure! When her hair looks like this though, it’s worth it!
Sweet Shot Day



  1. very pretty my hair can do that if it is long enough. Love her smile.

  2. Oh this is definitely worth going through all that trouble…. GORGEOUS!

  3. Totally Adorable!

  4. Beautiful girl and gorgeous photo!

  5. She’s beautiful. 🙂

    Marla @ http://www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

  6. I love your processing!

  7. Oh, she is gorgeous and that hair is just stunningly beautiful.

    Erika B

  8. So pretty…beautiful girl and edit!

  9. wow, beautiful girl with beautiful hair! GREAT shot!

  10. I like the new edit!

  11. Oh yes, I remember this pic well. Gorgeous girl, gorgeous new edit. Love it!

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