I’m gearing up once again for portrait sessions.  I have my first spring shoot this Saturday and I am looking forward to getting back in the “paid” saddle again since Christmas!  I really enjoy this line of work and am thrilled to be able to work within an area of passion.  I know you have seen these pictures like a gazillion times, but indulge me once more.  I have been working on processing and edits for a bit this afternoon and am learning some new things.  I love these pictures because of the catch lighting in Jasper’s eyes.  His eyes really do take my breath away in these images.  Capturing light…that’s what it is about!

I just love creating treasures!  I’m excited that the weather is turning warmer and that I can get outside to make memories!



  1. I can really tell the difference on the color of his eyes in those first two shots. I like them both but o think the first makes his eyes pop!

  2. You need to enter this pic in a contest. Love my little boy, he will still your heart in a beat

  3. He’s beautiful… and you did a wonderful job with these photos!!

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