a time to plant

March gets me antsy for growing things.  We’ve had a warmer March this year than in the last couple of years and so, I have planted.  I hope I haven’t shot myself in the foot by planting so early.  If a frost comes, it will be my own fault.  I did not consult a Farmer’s Almanac and flew caution to the wind. I’m a rebel like that.  There are few things better than growing some of your own food.  We have very little land to use for growing, but still I have plans to make use of all the unused areas.  I’m using pots and a small area that we rid of ivy last year.   This is what I have planned, so far:

Sweet Peas…I’m pretending to be English.  I don’t think I have ever eaten anything but frozen peas!

Roma and Grape tomatoes.  Grape tomatoes are favorite variety for my son and me.  For the Romas, I’m thinking sauce!

Strawberries! We go through about 3 pints a week, as is.  I’m not sure 4 little plants will keep us covered and I may go back for more.

Blackberries and blueberries.  Perinnials…keep coming back!

Rosemary! I also have grand plans for loads of basil.  We are mean, green, pesto eating machines!

While these were planted in September, I am enjoying these daffodils so much.  They are cheery and a herald of spring! I have never seen this variety with the ruffled center until now…in my very own garden!

What does your garden grow?



  1. We are planting our first garden this year! I am very excited. Blackberries sound like so much fun!

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