tea and sweet shot tuesday

Little girls and big girls alike love afternoon tea.  It’s such a balm to get together with enduring friends for girl talk over steaming cups of comfort.  Gracyn and I met one of my lasting friends, from high school, at Tea at Seven Springs in Powder Springs, GA.  This tea room is very close to my friend’s childhood home where we spent many hours being teenage girls.  This was our second time getting together with our girls for tea and hopefully, we will have many more!  This tea room is so fun.  There are hats and boas dotted around for decoration both of the room and for bodies.   Gracyn is such a hat girl and she tried on many, many hats. 

I brought my 35 mm lens today knowing full well that I risked distortion in portraits.  It was either that or poor lighting with another lens.  I opted for lighting and accepted the chipmunk cheeks.  Did I mention that I need a new lens? Bueller?

We all got our own pots of tea.  Guess what I had?  Yes, Earl Grey…it’s my tea of choice this year.  I love these pot warmers!

My friend and I had the light afternoon tea which comprised a pot of tea, soup, chicken salad sandwiches, a pasta salad sample, fruit, scones, Devonshire cream and lemon curd.  It sounds like more than a “light” tea, but it really wasn’t too much.  This tomato and basil cream soup was really good and fresh!

The girls had the children’s tea, which is adorable.  It comprised two sandwiches of choice, cut into butterflies with jellybeans on top, scones, fruit, and goldfish.  There were pansies for decorations, but my daughter knowing they were edible, tried those too.  So did Abby.

We enjoyed our time with our friends talking photography, homeschooling, family, and church.  The girls enjoyed giggling and budding friendship.  It’s a blessing to have a child play with the daughter of my childhood friend.  It’s a full circle moment.

Sweet Shot Day



  1. Great post! I couldn’t have described it better myself and since my camera is still in the van and I have yet to sit and catch my breath who knows when I’ll get a post done. I sure enjoyed our time and look forward to getting together soon. You’re such a treasured friend.

  2. rhianna says:

    Even though I know nothing about lenses, I know what you’re talking about with this one- chipmunk cheeks is right! But you took beautiful pictures with it- love these and seeing sweet Gracyn in her girly element. Em got her letter this week, by the way, and it touched my heart so much- so grateful for their ongoing love for each other.

    • kimmyskids says:

      You know what she looks like in reality! 🙂 We too are blessed by the Mills’ family’s enduring friendship. I think we will need to plan a tea like this in a few months when you are home and “rested”.

  3. email me a copy of the photo of g & a. the one I took g was all fuzzy, she must have moved since a and the rest of the photo are in focus. : )

  4. This makes me miss those tea party days with my daughter. Now I can look forward to my granddaughter’s tea parties. Pretty girls and pretty shots.

  5. What an afternoon delight! Oh I’d love to do this too, my little girl would have such a terrific time. What 2 little beauties in these photos!

  6. What lovely shots of a sweet day – and your lens did just fine 🙂

  7. I’ve never been to a tea room, but you’ve inspired me to go! What a lovely time…and your girl is adorable in those hats.

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