Animal Kingdom~day four

This was our first time at Animal Kingdom.  We have some animal loving kids, so we were looking forward to having the combination of a zoo with an amusement park.   Again, there were just a handful of rides.  We spent a good deal of time looking at animals.  We walked through areas with tigers, bats, and birds of all sorts.  Gracyn particularly enjoyed getting the field guides to indentify the birds we saw.  She is such an animal lover!   These pictures below are probably what  you’d most expect to see at Animal Kingdom.

We took the African Safari on some bumpy Jeeps through the Savannahs and ending with a poacher chase. 


We enjoyed our time in Tibet for a few reasons.  For one, the area reminds us of SE Asia.  Two, the food choices were more to our liking.  We were hitting the limit with the burger~fries set for our counter service, so lunch at The Yak and Yeti cafe was very welcomed.   Thirdly, we camped out at Expedition Everest for our thrill ride fix!  We really liked this coaster’s variety with slow and fast paces, the story line with the Yeti tearing the train tracks and looking to destroy us.  We liked the backwards run, followed by the forward fast pace.  We liked having light and dark places on the ride.  It was very cool.  The kids rode it about 5 times.   The one waiting with Jasper tried to catch the others on the big drop…we didn’t succeed even with texting to say, “We are on!”  Still…here are some other people having fun.  I scrutinized each picture looking for us, but to no avail!

We opted to refrain from riding Cali River Rapids.  I think it is like Six Flags’ Thunder River, but on steroids.  The sign warns, “you WILL get wet, you may get soaked”.  It was February, it was still a little chilly, and the parkas being sold in front of the ride were $7.50 each.  Selling parkas says it all. 

While in Asia we saw these precious Gibbons.  We watched them for such a long time.  They screamed and swung.  They were loud and funny.  One had a little baby that was soooo cute.  This is where I cursed myself for not having my zoom lens.

Here’s my little monkey in the ruins.


Highlights of the day were:

  • Jasper finally getting a train ride
  • animals
  • safari
  • Expedition Everest
  • Dinosaur…a dark ride ala Jurassic Park
  • It’s Tough to be a Bug 4D…you get exterminated briefly
  • playing with petrified animal dung….not really a highlight, but just seeing if you are paying attention
  • lunch at Yak and Yeti…I had a salad which felt like the ultimate nourishment at that point
  • dinner at Tusker House simply for the African curry that reminded me of the curry I had in Thailand at my friend’s house

We got to see these guys again too!


Aidan and Tigger were having a moment.  I don’t know what Aidan is saying to Tigger, and probably best not to know!  He would say things like, ” I KNOW YOU ARE IN THERE!”   What a booger.  Speaking of boogers….we learned a funny joke at the Monster’s Inc.  Comedy Club::  How do you make a tissue dance?  You put a little boogie in it!   LOL!  That one got a lot of miles on this trip.  Anyway, I digress….

We had a great time and were thankful the park closed at 6:00!  The animals had to get sleep and as we left there were Egrets roosting in the trees.  It was time to give them space to sleep.   We got an early night which was sorely needed to ready ourselves for one more park day.



  1. So neat to see it through your eyes, Kim. It looks like it was a truly magical time for you and Jack and your sweet kiddos. A good gift, for sure! (And I can just imagine G.’s enjoyment of all of those neat animals!)

  2. Love all the pics. I am so glad you were able to have fun and do soo much!

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