Magic Kingdom~day two

We decided to do Magic Kingdom the very first park day because we knew that it would  be the most memorable with Disney Magic.   The kids were excited to wake up early in the morning to head over to Magic Kingdom.  We had reservations for a character breakfast, so we got to enter the park before opening hours!  We boarded yet another ferry from the parking lot to the gate.  We absolutely froze on that ride!  That was our chilliest morning.  We were thankful to get off the ferry and vowed to take the monorail back that night.  As we passed through the gate and beyond all the other park-goers waiting until 9:00 to enter, we met this jolly man with his fire truck on Mainstreet.  He offered us a ride around Mainstreet and would drop us at The Crystal Palace.

He drove us up to Cinderella’s castle so that we could take pictures before all the other guests came in.  He was such a sweet man.  He let each kid take a turn “driving” his truck.   We spent a few minutes in front of the castle.  Do you see Tinkerbell’s zip line? 

Our jolly fire truck driver dropped us at The Crystal Palace for our first Character Breakfast.  The kids decided that they really wanted to eat with Winnie the Pooh and company.   We had a fun breakfast buffet with little treats like these Mickey waffles.  Isn’t everything better in a Mickey shape?

Somewhere over the course of time the kids all decided they LOOOOVED Eyeore.   Gracyn bought this little Eyeore at Downtown Disney and brought him to our Pooh breakfast and to every park subsequently.  She cuddled and kissed him constantly.

The kids were anxious to meet Eyeore, but he was occupied for awhile.  Piglet was happy to come by our table first!  He’s my favorite.  Gracyn got a kiss from Piglet, so she was pleased.  The kids joined Piglet in a parade around the restaurant, but alas, I was slow to the draw with the camera.

Finally, the much anticipated Eyeore came out to see the kids on our side of the restaurant.   There were several anxious tables waiting to get a audience with Eyeore, but we didn’t have to wait long for our turn.

While all this was happening, Jack was off trying to secure a fastpass for Space Mountain.  He ended up getting a fastpass for another ride when he didn’t realize you could only get one per hour.  Turns out that we didn’t need one for Space Mountain after all as the line was very reasonable.  We figured out the fastpass situation after that, and LOVED that system.  We got fastpasses from then on and also got a rider switch for the rides Jasper couldn’t ride.  That meant the kids got to ride twice in a row with the alternating adult who had to wait with Jasper!!  AWESOME!

From this point on, we were fast and furious.  I have few pictures from the rest of the day.  We were busy experiencing.  Some highlights from our day at Magic Kingdom are:

  • kid’s first ride on Space Mountain and first roller coaster ever…they loved it!
  • the Monsters Inc. comedy club show was hilarious
  • Jasper driving one of the Indy racecars
  • short lines and fastpasses
  • appreciating Small World as an adult
  • spectacular fireworks with the Disney story

We really needed two days at Magic Kingdom, and we will do that next time with a 5 day trip or Park Hopper.  It was Magic and everything we hoped for.  I’ll wrap up with a couple more pictures.  This next one is to show the adorable shirts that  Elizabeth, a friend from church, made for my kids.  It was fun to wear these at Magic Kingdom. 

And…lastly…here they are with the big earred one



  1. Your kids are just too adorable. LOVE the shirts, too. I’ll have to remember that when we take Asher his first time. We always had Disney shirts on but we didn’t do a family shirt. Gotta do that with my kids.

  2. Love reading and seeing the pictures and experiencing Disney through you! IT has been a couple of years since we have gona and I miss it! Looks like you all had a blast! The shirts are ADORABLE!!!


  3. I just love how innocent our girls still are and how they still enjoy the simple joys of childhood like a stuffed toy. You got some fab pictures and sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  4. How FUN! I love the shirts your friend made…what a good idea and how sweet of her! What a wonderfully magically time for your kiddos. They’ll never forget it. I must say the one time I’ve been to Disney about 14 years ago, the castle looked like a big pink birthday cake and I was so disappointed, but they were celebrating 25 years or something like that.
    Love these posts!

    • kimmyskids says:

      How funny about the castle! I hope you guys get a trip soon. Hollywood studios is opening or reopening a Star Tours in May which is some Star Wars thing!

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