spring might be coming, but…

Puxatawney Phil says that spring is on the way. So do my bulbs starting to peak above the ground.  Normally, I would find this extremely comforting, even though I do not believe in groundhog predictions.  I know that this might sound crazy, but I have really enjoyed winter this year.  I am usually very anti-old man winter, but this winter has just been so enjoyable for me.  While I know that I will be glad when spring finally arrives, part of me feels bittersweet about the end of this cozy season in my life, granted I am not currently in the mid-western or northeastern blizzard and it is ONLY February 2.  Winter for me has been a slower pace.  There have been roaring fires, almost daily.  I have enjoyed steaming cups of Earl and Lady Gray teas.  I have wrapped myself in my oyster colored fuzzy blanket and have donned fuzzy socks and slippers. Fragrant candles have given atmosphere and spicy air.  I have read.  I have perused blogs for inspiration.  I have also watched the entire Monarch of the Glen series again and again.  I have no defense of that fact either, only perhaps that I love quirky BBC shows.   This season, while not perfect, has been a nice change to my normally fast paced, driven life.   I know that with the arrival of spring, activity follows.  So, I am going to soak up a few more weeks of hibernating before the first buds bloom!



  1. I’m glad you’ve had a season to enjoy a slower pace. I’m ready for spring! The memory of midwestern blizzards is still too fresh in my mind. I love your photo, it makes me think of the refining fire of God’s word.

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