the thankful post

So, I’m 39 today.  I’ve been feeling a little down about aging lately and wondering where the youth has gone.  I say down, but not really.  I have had the odd moment of feeling sorry that I will blink and be old, but this morning I really woke up thankful for so many things.  I think with age comes gratefulness…at least it should.  I’m grateful for the 39 years that God has given me on this earth.  He has given me everything I need for life and godliness.  I have a wonderful family, a husband that has been constant and true, and I have amazing, beautiful kids.  I am thankful for my experiences and the journey God has taken me on.  My 20’s and 30’s have been a whirlwind of finding out so much about myself, God, and God’s great world.  I’m truly thankful for every place God has taken me and allowed me to explore.  I’m shaped by it all.  I’m thankful, too, for the people that God has placed in my journey who have been friends, mentors, and sharpening tools.  Truly, I have learned so much from these people.  These are the things that money can’t buy, and they can’t be wrapped in pretty papers and bows.  These gifts are the best gifts of all and I am so blessed.  I’m thankful that God has always supplied all our needs.  He has shown us time and again that He is ever watchful and faithful.  I’m looking forward, Lord willing, to many more years to witness His goodness and grace in my life.  I’m hoping for a few more good adventures! So while we quietly celebrate my birthday, my heart is full.



  1. Happy Birthday dear friend! I’m grateful to have been your friend all these years.

  2. Happy birthday to you, dear Kim. I am thankful for your life and friendship, and grateful for the encouragement that reading your words has brought to me this morning. I’m certain 39 will be one of your very best years yet!

  3. kimmyskids says:

    Thanks! Blessed by both of you too!

  4. Contentment! Ahhh!

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