sin-a-mon rolls

Tomorrow is my turn to help provide snacks for our ladies Bible study.  I needed something good to make, without having to go to Publix and spend $20 to do so.  I decided to shop my pantry.  I compared what I had available with a popular website to see if I could bake something from it.  I found that I had the perfect ingredients for making cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon rolls? You have got to be kidding me!  Cinnamon rolls have always intimidated me.  You see, my relationship with dough has been a strained one.  I’m heavy handed with dough, often producing hockey puck like substances.  It just isn’t in my skill mix.  Against my better judgement, I decided to face my cinnamon roll fear.  You know what?  I made cinnamon rolls!  They look like cinnamon rolls and they taste like cinnamon rolls.  They aren’t candidates for any type of sport that uses bats or clubs.  I don’t know exactly how I pulled this off, by I think a lot of credit goes to the step by step tutorial I used.  P-Dub knows her stuff and she gives great tutorials with pictures of each step.  I have yet to go wrong with one of her recipes.  These do not yet have the cream cheese icing on them, but you get the picture.  Let me tell ya, there is nothing lo-cal about these, but that’s why we love ’em.  You can find these sinful rolls right here.

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  1. I’ve made PW’s cinnamon rolls in her book but haven’t tried these. I’ll have to try these next time I wanting to bake. Sounds yummy!

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