today, I shot.

I decided to end my photo taking drought.  Being yet another icy day, thus snow day for the county, we  had a late start to the day and I decided to use the morning light.  Homeschoolers really have no reason to skip school, but on days like today, we go on the delay system.   Jasper is usually my most willing subject.  These are all SOOC…no edits.

Who could resist these puckered lips?

…and we have spit bubbles…such a boy

I didn’t ask him for this pose; do you think he might be comfortable with the camera much?



Before all these, I tried using my 35mm lens, even though I know it is not for portraits.  I wanted to see what my friend Danny of Danny Hsaio Photography explained about 35mms.  The lens bends light to achieve wide angles and distorts facial features like this:

kind of caveman-esque

You may not see it here like I do, since this is my kid, but his face is not like this.  There is a slight protrusion in the forehead, and the lips aren’t right.  The moral of the story is, your clients will not like you, if you distort their faces. So don’t use a 35 mm lens….the end. 



  1. I like the moral of the story 😀 I had noticed the distortion, especially when I get too close, but wasn’t sure why I was getting it. Now I know. Thanks. I’m still loving my lens but I’m trying hard not to have lens envy as I continue to research what is available and what it works best for. I’m also trying hard not to want a new camera, be content, be content…..keep telling myself that.

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